Thank you to HÅP and Sølvi

Thank you so much to our dear Sølvi and HÅP for helping us every time we ask 🙏💕

HÅP focuses on the kids and thanks to HÅP we’re able to give the kids one food bag at every visit with egg, a fruit and orange juice 👍🍊the kids don’t get enough vitamins, calcium and proteins so we try to give them a healthy meal to eat in the camp 👌we also give them corn flakes and milk provided by HÅP.

Sølvi and HÅP give us toiletries that we need and give out to first visit, monthly visiting and if the families that have been at IRIS two weeks ago 🌷she also give us the possibility to treat those who need it lice treatment, from the pharmacy in Thimiana. From that pharmacy we also received nappy cream payed by HÅP.

Thank you so much Sølvi for your priceless support to IRIS 🙏🌷🙌😃

See you soon 🇬🇷✨

Thank you to HÅP and Sølvi !


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