Iris Center Update

Dear all Iris center friends 🙏🌷🥰

I want to say thank you so much to all of you for doing an amazing job in this surreal time. I want to say a special thank you so much to sister Shirley and sister @Ruhi Lauren Akhtar for continue to do aid distribusjons under the current difficult circumstances. Without their heroic effort the Iris center team would not be able to help 🙏🥰

We’re facing so difficult times this days and it’s very important we stay together and support each other 🌷
I can’t imagine how difficult it is for you guys in the camp. I daily get messages from people in need of everything and they tell me about that they’re starving 😓
We’ve had the possibility to distribute some strollers in Vial, and we’re constantly working on distributing aid to the people in need …

We also do distributions in the apartments as usual with toiletries, pampers, milk powder and porridge powder. We continue helping mothers giving birth at the hospital with toiletries, pampers, clothes and strollers.
Iris center teams work is a collaborative project without all our supporters, friends, donations of aid and money we would not be able to help – a big thank you so much to all of you 🙏🌷🥰

Thank you so much to the other organizations we cooperate with:
✨ Our Czech friends
✨ Carry The Future
✨ Chios Eastern Shore Response Team – CESRT
✨ Støttegruppa for Iris senter
✨ Refugee Biriyani & Bananas
✨ and many good hearted friends

Thank you so much to all Iris center team members – together we’re stronger 💪😍

Stay safe, take care with clean hands 🙌🙏🥰

We always need donations so please donate if you’ve the possibility 🙏

Every penny is used where it’s most needed for our sisters and brothers on the run 👍🌷

Thank you so much in advance 🌈

The Iris center team is an registered Norwegian NGO situated on Chios, Greece. 921832559
Account number 1506.27.12330
International account number
NO77 1506 2712 330
BIC (Swift-address) DNBANOKKXXX
Vipps nr 584206
PayPal account

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Happy Easter 🐇🐥🐣🥰

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For the babies

Today we have given out 3 moses baskets, 8 baby bags and strollers to babies who lives in apartments. We also gave out nappy creams, diapers and wet wipes.

People in apartments don’t get the things they need. We know where many of the babies are living because we have a contact who is showing us.

The bags are made by Sølvi Sinkaberg and consist of different clothes for babies, outdoor dress, bag for stroller, one big blanket, one small blanket and a teddy bear.

The contents of the bags depends on how old the baby is and what we have of different things at the moment they are made. Sølvi has made 25 bags in total and we have given out almost all of them.

The bags are a mix of donations from the Norwegian group «HÅP» (HOPE) and some things that we had in our storage place.

The moses baskets are donated by Carry The Future.

Thora Lise Roppestad has bought the strollers for her donations.

We want to thank those who make this possible for us! The apartments are often cold and that is not nice for small babies…

We are so happy that we are able to give this to them!

The photos are posted with permission!

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