A new volunteer from Norway Mette Gulbrandsen

Yesterday 23th April the Iris center team started the day welcoming a new volunteer from Norway Mette Gulbrandsen – thank you so much for joining the team again. We’re looking so much forward to working with you.

Every morning we’ve a morning meeting where we decide who is going to do what. Yesterday we decided to store all our winter clothes to one container, because the weather is getting warmer. Amir, Baktash, Rabi, and Zohur wanted to take the responsibility for this.

Shirley is the toiletry coordinator and take care off the toiletries and make sure we don’t run out of some items. Yesterday she prepared toiletries to the six Albanian families and to the single mother with the new born boys. She also prepared a big bag with clothes to them.

Mette and I picked up Abu and bought a twins baby stroller to the mother with the boys. We had all the tings for the mother in the car and went to the hospital.

We got very surprised – the mother has left the hospital and she gave birth 19th April. We started to look for her and found her in an apartment with to new born babies 2kg and 45cm. She had a cesarean section of twins and still had to leave the hospital after only four days…

All the clothes was to big – so we bought some premature clothes for the babies. We’ll help her as much as possible.

In the end of the day we gave out toiletries to the Albanian families.

Thank you so much to everybody that support our team 🙏🌷💕

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For the babies

Today we have given out 3 moses baskets, 8 baby bags and strollers to babies who lives in apartments. We also gave out nappy creams, diapers and wet wipes.

People in apartments don’t get the things they need. We know where many of the babies are living because we have a contact who is showing us.

The bags are made by Sølvi Sinkaberg and consist of different clothes for babies, outdoor dress, bag for stroller, one big blanket, one small blanket and a teddy bear.

The contents of the bags depends on how old the baby is and what we have of different things at the moment they are made. Sølvi has made 25 bags in total and we have given out almost all of them.

The bags are a mix of donations from the Norwegian group «HÅP» (HOPE) and some things that we had in our storage place.

The moses baskets are donated by Carry The Future.

Thora Lise Roppestad has bought the strollers for her donations.

We want to thank those who make this possible for us! The apartments are often cold and that is not nice for small babies…

We are so happy that we are able to give this to them!

The photos are posted with permission!

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