Iris Center is a Norwegian registered NGO with an International team working (for free) on Chios. We work together with other NGOs and donators/supporters.

We support refugees in Chios by providing single travellers and families with clothes, shoes and hygiene packs.

Please consider making a donation to Iris Center, small or large, everything helps! Everything goes directly to the people in need. Hannah Parr is in charge of PayPal donations so you will see her name as the receiver.

Vipps: 584206
Bank account: 1506.27.12330
PayPal: paypal.me/iriscenterchios

Iris helps more than 1,200 visitors and distributes more than 15,000 items each month!

We support refugee children and parents on Chios by giving distributions of clothes, shoes, baby strollers and hygiene items. It’s an absolutely critical service for the refugees, especially now that they are stuck in Chios for longer and longer.

We used to provide a place where our brothers and sisters on the run could have a shower and a relaxing chat, and get the supplies they need to survive there for long periods of time and with a place they can go to escape the harsh conditions that they live in every day.

Unfortunately, the landowner has recently abruptly cancelled our agreement for renting a place on his land. Thus, Iris is looking for a new location. The rent is expected to be 200-400 euros per month. Please consider supporting/donating for us to continuating our work.

We hope to soon again be able to run a  center by where each volunteer takes a specific role for a shift (you can change roles each shift or each day). The roles are about giving hygiene supplies for the shower area and to take with them, helping to pick clothes from the donated clothes wardrobe, doing planned activities with the children and parents, playing outside games with the children and parents, welcoming and registering the visitors to Iris, stocking and managing the supplies and coordinating special projects.