Women clothes distribution

Iris center team distributed clothes to all the women in Vial refugee camp on Thursday.

The clothes was given by the Refugee foundation from Germany.

We gave out
– trousers
– leggings
– scarfs
– tops
– abajas
– jumpers
– bra
– underwear

Thank you so much to all that made the distribution possible!

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Clothes for women in Vial

We filled up the car with the same things and went to Vial again!

Now a lot more women were able to get. It is also nice to see them sharing what they took with some of their friends. We gave around 1000 pieces of clothes or probably more! It is all gifts and not like a normal distribution.

The point is to not have a line, not have any rules and just let people take.

We never usually do it and that is why we wanted to do it for just one day!

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