Clothes for women in Vial

We filled up the car with the same things and went to Vial again!

Now a lot more women were able to get. It is also nice to see them sharing what they took with some of their friends. We gave around 1000 pieces of clothes or probably more! It is all gifts and not like a normal distribution.

The point is to not have a line, not have any rules and just let people take.

We never usually do it and that is why we wanted to do it for just one day!

Please share:

The name of our organisation

Why we chose the name Iris.

💙 A Connection to our history
The blue iris flower is a symbol of hope. The House of the People Europe, HOPE name will always have a special place in the hearts of all the amazing volunteers from all over the world who gave their support in so many different ways to build it into the safe haven that it is today.

💙 A Connection to Greece
Iris is a Greek goddess. Greece is the place where our volunteers and refugee visitors at the center will continue to meet each other for the first time and the place we will all keep in our hearts when we move on to new journeys.

💙 A Connection to a world where are all one.
Iris is the Greek goddess of the rainbow. The rainbow has long been used as a symbol of diversity and social change. We will use it as the light that guides us in our fight for a world where there are no borders and only brothers and sisters together. The rainbow that came to us above the field next to Iris one hard day makes us believe it’s meant to be. 🌈

The rainbow showed up over the Iris Center