Hard working team and friends

The hard working Iris center teams goal yesterday was to empty one of our containers.

The team have received a lot of aid from our German friends, “The Refugees Foundation” and also from Ruhi Loren’s organization “Refugee Biriyani & Bananas”. The team have distributed a lot of this tings to the apartments, the Albanian families and in Vial. So we was able to reduce the amount of containers. We pay a monthly rent for the containers so by empty one container we’ve more money to spend on the refugees.

The plan for next week is to distribute as much as possible of the summer clothes to Vial, the Albanian families and the apartments. We’ll also give out crocs to women and children.

The Iris center team will follow up the single twins mother and probably already today a woman will come and help and live with her and the lovely babies 🙏👶💕👶💕

So many to thank just now:
– Thank you so much amazing Shirley for making this happen.
– Thank you so much to Amir Sharify, Prince Baktash Hadis, Zuhor and Abu for emptying the container.
– I’ll also use the opportunity to say a thank you so much to the Norwegian support group, “Støttegruppa for Iris senteret” for a lot of aid and also donations.
– Thank you so much to HÅP and Sølvi for following up the twins mother.
– Thank you so much to Selina Ingram for donating her birthday gift to the Iris center teams work.
– Thank you so much to Inger-Lise Gabrielsen for donations so we can distribute Crocks to women and kids in Vial.
– And also all the other Iris center supporters.



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A new volunteer from Norway Mette Gulbrandsen

Yesterday 23th April the Iris center team started the day welcoming a new volunteer from Norway Mette Gulbrandsen – thank you so much for joining the team again. We’re looking so much forward to working with you.

Every morning we’ve a morning meeting where we decide who is going to do what. Yesterday we decided to store all our winter clothes to one container, because the weather is getting warmer. Amir, Baktash, Rabi, and Zohur wanted to take the responsibility for this.

Shirley is the toiletry coordinator and take care off the toiletries and make sure we don’t run out of some items. Yesterday she prepared toiletries to the six Albanian families and to the single mother with the new born boys. She also prepared a big bag with clothes to them.

Mette and I picked up Abu and bought a twins baby stroller to the mother with the boys. We had all the tings for the mother in the car and went to the hospital.

We got very surprised – the mother has left the hospital and she gave birth 19th April. We started to look for her and found her in an apartment with to new born babies 2kg and 45cm. She had a cesarean section of twins and still had to leave the hospital after only four days…

All the clothes was to big – so we bought some premature clothes for the babies. We’ll help her as much as possible.

In the end of the day we gave out toiletries to the Albanian families.

Thank you so much to everybody that support our team 🙏🌷💕

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New volunteers

These last days we have got six new volunteers!

Two of them has been volunteering with us before and four are new.

We are so happy to have you on our team! Thank you for wanting to help us. When we are many volunteers, it is easier to help.

We love having many volunteers!

Four of the volunteers, Jill Thomas, Cielle Lucas, Jenny Petro and Tom Cartwrightare are from the organization Carry The Future.

We are so happy to cooperate with you!

Thora Lise Roppestad is from Norway. This is her first time volunteering on Chios. She has been volunteering in Thessaloniki and on Lesvos before.

Kaled Mohammed from Syria is back from Thessaloniki. He will be volunteering with us for 12 days before he moves to Netherland to work.

We welcome you all!

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A new week

💙 There will be 434 children and parents coming to Iris Center this week! This is more weekly visitors than usual, but there have been many boats arriving in Chios lately so the amazing team wants to try and do everything they can to see the usual visitors and the new arrivals.

💙 Every Saturday morning, Iris volunteers go to the Vial camp to register visitors for the next week. They try their best to find and make sure the new arrival families have an appointment. It’s very urgent for them to come to Iris Center as soon as possible because it’s the fastest way for them to get the hygiene items and clothes they need right away. Vial camp has a small warehouse and does some distributions but they don’t give all the items we do and usually cannot get the items to the families as fast as we can because they have to follow more restrictions than we do.

💙 It’s equally important that the families come to escape the harsh conditions of the camp as soon as possible so that they can see some of the people around who care about them and want to help them before they could start to lose hope. It’s the beginning of growing relationship that Janne and the different volunteers at Iris will have with the families as long as they are stuck in Chios.

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