Thank you for strollers

Thank you so much Hanne, Kjetil og Ruth for 32 strollers 🙏🌷

It’s SO needed 🙌😃there is many “new arrivals” and they don’t have anything and that really means nothing 😓

You can try to imagine what it means not to have washing powder, pampers, nappy cream, sanitary pads, deodorant, toothbrush, toothpaste and only one set of clothes that you might have borrowed from your friend 😓try to imagine not to have a stroller to your baby and be afraid 😦 every night because of snakes 🐍 and rats 🐀 attaching you children 👶 😞

Thanks to good hearted people in this group we manage to keep IRIS center open and help the families on the run 🙏

THANK YOU SO MUCH for caring 💕

Thank you for the strollers !
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