Distribution of women’s clothes

Yesterday we distributed sweaters, singlets, trousers, jackets, scarfs, abayas (dresses), hats, underwears and hijabs for women for serveral hours in Vial.

We had so many clothes that the women basically could take what they needed. Of course we had some limitations of how much each person could take! It was a very calm and nice distribution! Many people were happy and smiling. It was nice to see how the volunteers and the refugees were laughing and joking together.

In the end we were told to leave the area because the people demonstrating in the road of Vial wanted us to leave. They contacted the police, but the police were kind and gave us 10 minutes so we reached to finish with all the women!

The demonstrators were happy that they managed to send us away, while we were happy that they didn’t manage to destroy our work because we reached to finish with everyone!

With permission to post images of the faces.

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