A new week

💙 There will be 434 children and parents coming to Iris Center this week! This is more weekly visitors than usual, but there have been many boats arriving in Chios lately so the amazing team wants to try and do everything they can to see the usual visitors and the new arrivals.

💙 Every Saturday morning, Iris volunteers go to the Vial camp to register visitors for the next week. They try their best to find and make sure the new arrival families have an appointment. It’s very urgent for them to come to Iris Center as soon as possible because it’s the fastest way for them to get the hygiene items and clothes they need right away. Vial camp has a small warehouse and does some distributions but they don’t give all the items we do and usually cannot get the items to the families as fast as we can because they have to follow more restrictions than we do.

💙 It’s equally important that the families come to escape the harsh conditions of the camp as soon as possible so that they can see some of the people around who care about them and want to help them before they could start to lose hope. It’s the beginning of growing relationship that Janne and the different volunteers at Iris will have with the families as long as they are stuck in Chios.

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